The partners for World Water Day 2014

GF underlines the importance of an improvement in the global water supply of clean drinking water. Three partners of the Clean Water Foundation were presented in this campaign: Nuevas Esperanzas (UK/USA) for Nicaragua (Central America), Shanti Schweiz (Switzerland) for Bangladesh (Asia) and Pro Humanitate (Germany) for in Moldova (Europe).

MFOR Pro Humanitate

for Europe

The joint project in the Moldovan community of Carbuna involves the drilling of a 300 meter deep well and laying 1,665 meters of water piping, as well as the construction of a water storage. This benefits more than 600 people. The project counteracts diseases and the drastically shrinking depopulation, and improves the livelihoods of the inhabitants.

MFOR Pro Humanitate

Shanti Schweiz

for Asia

In Shapahar, Bangladesh, the Clean Water Foundation helped a tailor school for the Adivasi, the original inhabitants of India, with the improvement of water hygiene in training centers. GF financed a drinking water supply system entirely powered by solar energy, as well as a water tank and two washbasins, which were built by hand by the local inhabitants without any machines. Some 2,000 people are now directly supplied with clean drinking water all year round. Another 10,000 people who live nearby also benefit from it.


Nuevas Esperanzas

for Central America

The projects GF realized together with Nuevas Esperanzas in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 were called Mountain Rain I and III. They included rainwater harvesting and spring-fed water distribution systems for communities previously cut off from access to water sources. Community wide solutions were implemented, giving access to drinking water for a total of five communities, helping over 430 people with 32 water tanks built and a spring-fed gravity distribution system with the financing of the Clean Water Foundation. 

Rainwater collector for further villages in Nicaragua

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