Distributing Water

Another one of the Clean Water Foundation’s focus areas is water distribution in all of its many forms. Often, systems are in extremely poor condition, with parts missing and proper maintenance lacking. As a result, hygiene deteriorates and work processes falter. Construction measures and training can effectively remedy the situation.

Clean Water in Switzerland

The mountain community of Riom-Parsonz in Switzerland’s Graubünden region does have its own water supply system; however, a routine inspection revealed various deficiencies. To provide for a long-term supply of drinking water, planners developed a renovation concept for the entire system.

  • Expanding the water supply
  • Upgrading the existing water supply facilities
  • Actively involving Georg Fischer trainees

The Clean Water Foundation assumed some of the costs for upgrading the water system. Furthermore and as part of an annual project-week, new trainees at GF helped to clean up the entire water plant in Riom-Parsonz. The trainees at GF Schaffhausen, assisted by a supply line specialist, actively contributed to the expansion and upgrading of the water supply system.

Clean Water