Development of a water distribution system and establishment of a water cooperative

The construction of wells and water distribution in all variations are key areas of focus of the activities financed by Clean Water. They are an opportunity and basic requirement for a sustainably improved quality of life. And with the establishment of a water cooperative it is ensured that the village community can use the new water distribution system for a long time.

Clean Water in Tanzania

Kibakwe is a village in Tanzania currently with 8 000 inhabitants. Due to the population growth the new facility is made for the supply of 10 000 people. Without this well drilling project the inhabitants of Kibakwe would have to live with about 2-3 liters of water per day per inhabitant.

In collaboration with the Lutheran church communities in Eldagsen (Germany) and Kibakwe (Tanzania) the Clean Water Foundation is enabling the construction of a distribution network and a solar powered pump station in a new deep well. In order to ensure the preservation of the facility and of the entire system the project members established a water cooperative, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and which manages the income from the water distribution fee. The money taken in is exclusively permitted for investment for purposes of the cooperative.

  • On average 300 000 liters of water flow into the new distribution network every day
  • 92 water distribution sites are in operation
  • 8 000 meters of water pipes were routed and 60 water meters installed

An average of 300 000 liters of water flow from the spring in the mountains from an elevated tank through six distribution pipes into the vastly branched village network. In total 8 000 meters of new water piping were routed, with a number of pipe connections, bends and T-pieces. All 60 water meters, sponsored by the public utility of Bremen, were built in and the installed filter in the spring piping functions correctly.

The water cooperative continuously works to maintain and further expand the water supply network of Kibakwe. If necessary it will continue to be supported by the responsible project members.