At GF sustainability means acting responsibly as a company for the long-term, to ensure a continuing success in business in harmony with the environment and society.

Interim Sustainability Report 2014

The next full Sustainability Report will be published in 2016.

Sustainability at GF

Sustainability is part and parcel of the GF business model. GF Piping Systems ensures for its customers pipe networks free of leaks and contamination. GF Automotive provides light-weight components which minimize vehicle weight and lower CO2 emissions. And GF Machining Solutions makes production processes more economical and efficient with its high-precision machine tools that can be used to produce more efficient aero engines and thus help to reduce aircraft fuel consumption.

Needless to say, we embed sustainability in our operations. In this respect, we further implemented several worldwide sustainability initiatives which, despite increased sales and a higher production volume, allowed us to significantly improve key ratios such as energy, water consumption and CO2 emissions.