Board meeting attendance

Members of the Executive Committee also participate in Board meetings for agenda items relating to the company’s business, but are not entitled to vote. Only the CEO is present when personnel topics are dealt with. Personnel topics affecting him directly are treated in his absence.

Board meeting attendance


Invitations to Board meetings list all the issues that the Board of Directors, a Board Committee, or the CEO wish to discuss. All participants in a Board meeting receive detailed written material on the proposals in advance.

The Board of Directors meets at least four times a year under the leadership of its Chairman. During the year under review, it met six times: two meetings lasted less than two hours, three meetings lasted less than a day, and the strategy meeting lasted one and a half days in total. The dates of the regular meetings are generally set well in advance to enable all members to attend personally. In the year under review, the attendance rate was 98%. The three standing Board Committees met a total of 13 times.

External consultants are called on for their services when speciic topics are involved. Further information is provided in the section on the Board Committees.