Categories of shareholders as per 31 December 2014

Categories of shareholders as per 31 December 2015

Number of shares

Number of shareholders

Number of shares in %


11 763 9.5

101-1 000

2 016 13.2

1 001-10 000

204   10.9

10 001-100 000

19 13.7

>100 000

3 12.5

Shares not registered in share register

- 40.2


14 005 100.0

Significant shareholders

As of 31 December 2015, no shareholder or shareholder group had voting rights in excess of 5%. LSV Asset Management, Chicago (USA), and the UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, Basel (Switzerland), had voting rights between 3% and 5%.

Nine disclosure notifications were filed in the year under review: eight in relation to the BlackRock Group (see group structure as published on the SIX disclosure platform), held indirectly by BlackRock, Inc. (USA), and one in relation to Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway), Oslo (Norway).

Disclosure notifications pertaining to shareholdings in Georg Fischer Ltd that were filed with Georg Fischer Ltd and the SIX Swiss Exchange are published on the latter’s electronic publication platform and can be accessed here.

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