High School Graduates & Apprentices

Start on a promising career by training at GF. We train apprentices in a wide range of professions.

High School Graduates & Apprentices

Training at GF follows the conventions of the respective national educational system. You can find a list of the professions that you can study with us above, sorted by country and location.

Our Facebook page Young Career, which is especially for young people who have just started their career, always provides the latest information. Go and take a look!

For more specific information about apprenticeships in your area, please have a look at the following pages:

You can find more information about the different apprenticeships at GF Automotive Germany and Austria on our GF Automotive career website.

Apprenticeships in Schaffhausen

(Descriptions in German)

At our headquarters in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), GF works together with the Wibilea Training Center. Wibilea trains skilled workers in apprenticeships, according to the latest methods. If you are interested in one of the following careers, please apply directly to Wibilea. Indicate on your application that you would like to pursue your training at GF.

Apprenticeship at Wibilea and Georg Fischer

The combination of a solid education in the basics at Wibilea and in-depth practical training at GF is an excellent way to launch a professional career - ideal preparation for the challenges of a constantly changing working world.

Technology or business? Computer or hands-on machines? Plastic or metal? All the options need to be considered before deciding on a career. Learning is easier when you are really interested in your job.

Besides curiosity and interest, we look for a good grades, especially in the subjects relevant to your dream job.