Take what you have learnt and put it into practice


Practical and completed within the company on a full-time basis – now that is how to make your final project really exciting. The subject areas that we can offer certainly are.

You will be integrated into a fantastic, innovative team right from the very beginning, where you will be given excellent technical support and advice. You will receive a practical insight into the various technical or commercial departments and into the business processes of a global company.

The ideal conditions for writing your thesis at GF

  • Good academic performance
  • Ambition and initiative
  • Dedication and a conscientious attitude
  • Team spirit and strong communication skills
  • Written and spoken English language skills
  • Ability to work confidently with MS Office

Application advice

  • Timing: Please apply three to four months before you need to start your final project.
  • Open positions: You can find available thesis topics on our vacancies list. If you are interested in one of the topics that we have available, please apply directly to the respective site. The relevant contact details are provided with each topic.
  • Unsolicited application: If there are currently no topics advertised, or if you already have an interesting topic, please send your unsolicited application to your point of contact (use the details in the box on the right-hand side).

You might also find our Facebook page useful – Georg Fischer Young Career is designed especially for young people who have just started their career. Go and take a look!