CA 30 U

High-precision grinding of the guideway surfaces guarantees higher accuracy of assemblies, which allows the performance of CA 30 U to be maintained after years of service.

Linear glass scale (optional)

CA 30 U front

To obtain long-lasting accuracy, only direct measurement of position by linear glass scales is really effective. This system makes it possible to check the actual slide movement directly, eliminating all the usual errors due to the ballscrew, such as backlash, expansion and wear. Precision is maintained over time with no subsequent calibration is required.

Key Points

  • Submerged machining, compact space saving design


X, Y, Z travel
600 x 400 x 350mm
23.622 x 15.748 x 13.78 in
Working range
U, V travel
100 x 100mm
3.937 x 3.937 in
Taper angle_height
±10 degree
Machine dimensions width x depth x height
3100 x 2800 x 2325mm
122.047 x 110.236 x 91.535 in
Machine Weight
9788.42 lb
Machine floor space
4000 x 4000mm
157.48 x 157.48 in
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
1260 x 945 x 675 mm
49.606 x 37.205 x 26.575 in
Max. workpiece weight
2204.6 lb