Laser texturing extends GF Machining Solutions’ support for aerospace manufacturing. Our fully digitized Laser solutions accurately texture, engrave, microstructure, mark and label 2D and complex 3D geometries. Our extra large capacity LASER 4000 5Ax, the market’s biggest and most affordable Laser texturing solution, easily applies your distinct textures for mask removal in chemical etching and in direct Laser texturing of oversize molds.

The market’s biggest and most affordable Laser texturing solution

As aerospace OEMs face high targets for reduction of emissions, noise and fuel consumption, GF Machining Solutions’ Laser texturing technology is poised to revolutionize functional surface texturing for drag reduction, a irflow control and preparation of surfaces for the addition of composite coatings. Moreover, our Laser technology is a clean, sustainable solution for applications like the aesthetic texturing of molds for business jet interiors and tires.

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