Additive Manufacturing

GF Machining Solutions now delivers design freedom to the mold industry, with Laser Additive Manufacturing making possible mold inserts with thermal exchange close to the surface for better surface quality and higher detail reproducibility.


Key Points

AM S 290 Tooling

Achieve fast, flexible, cost effective production of metal inserts directly from CAD data with the AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling. As the benchmark for Laser Additive Manufacturing of high-quality metal inserts, this solution has enhanced quality management features and a build volume of 250 x 250 x 325 mm. This machine is based on the proven and successful EOS technology.

Customer benefits

Extreme surface quality:

  • Master surface quality with 3D conformal channels close to the surface for an optimum and stable injection temperature.

Higher details reproducibility:

  • Gain unlimited freedom of channel design.

Shorten lead time:

  • Improve process effi ciency and get better injection performance.


Technical data
Build volume X, Y, Z
250 x 250 x 325mm
9.843 x 9.843 x 12.795 in
Ytterbium fiber laser
400 W
Scan speed
up to 7m s
up to 15.66 mph
F-theta lens; focus diameter
393.7 μin
Nitrogen generator
Integrated kg
Power consumption
max 8.5 (typical 3.20)kW
max 8.5 (typical 3.20) kW
Machine dimensions including console
2500 x 1300 x 2190mm
98.425 x 51.181 x 86.22 in
~ 1250kg
~ 2755.75 lb


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