MIKRON HSM 500 LP: bringing the benefits of HSC to milling

  • Dynamics and precision for no-compromise CNC milling
  • Universal application in mould construction and production
  • Swiss-standard 5-axis machine at an attractive price
Mikron HSM 500 LP


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These are the benefits that make this an investment you will never regret:

  • Machining speed combined with precision and surface quality are the strengths of the HSM series CNC milling machines from GF Machining Solutions. The special O-form construction with its advanced mineral cast frame maximises rigidity and vibration damping. The optimised distribution of moving masses ensures high dynamics and surface quality.
  • Ease of access and the practical expansion stages help to ensure universal application in tool and mould design and construction and in the manufacture of precision parts.
  • The entire technical expertise and extensive development experience of the Swiss machine builder are available in the smallest space and at an attractive price.
  • The 5-axis machine with direct drives and liquid-cooled motors permits dynamic machining with no limitations.
Technical data
  • HSM 500 LP base machine
  • Heidenhain iTNC 530 control
  • 30000 rpm/HSK-E40 tool spindle
  • 36× HSK-E40 tool magazine
  • T-slot table, 550x450 mm, 200 kg
  • Coolant bath with chip flushing
  • Flushing gun
  • Minimal quantity coolant lubrication
  • Preparation for mist extraction
  • Laser tool measurement
  • Tool blow-off device
  • 40.00-TX/RX infrared measuring sensor
  • APS Advanced Process System
  • ITC Intelligent Thermal Control
  • OSS Operator Support System
  • PFP Power Fail Protection
  • Installation, transport        
  • 500x400x360 mm travel
  • Weight 6800 kg
  • Short delivery time
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The range of our milling machines is huge: from a standard milling machine for universal applications to high-end HSC-5-Axe-simultanious-milling machines with linear drive.

Milling machines with high accuracy, dynamic and surface quality – developed and produced in Switzerland.

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