WorkMaster is for applications, that require smore magazin positions or higher transfer weights. The solution is more flexible and offers extended Application possibilities like Loading station, Washing, Drying, etc.


System 3R Robot - GF AgieCharmilles EDM Milling

WorkMaster is a flexible modular automation system consisting of a manipulator, which changes large and small pallets between the magazines and up to 2 machines in the same production cell.

Several designs of magazine are available. The basic versions are modular racks or rotating magazines, where the shelves are matched to the pallet systems in System 3R’s wide range of products.

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Key Points

  • Flexible and modular solution
  • Can be added to most machines and technologies
  • Transport weight 75/150/200 kg
  • Usable with Tooling from System 3R or Erowa
  • Can serve one or two machines in a production cell
  • Various Magazine type possible, optimization of the capacity and autonomy


  • Transfer weight – pallet with workpiece 75, 150 or 200 kg, electrodes 10 kg

  • X-, Z- and C-axes – AC servomotor

  •  Max stroke, X-axis, 1250 mm

  • Stroke, Z-axis – 1400 mm

  •  Rotation, C-axis, 300 degrees

  •  Gripper jaw with tipping function
  •  Gripper jaw with rotary function
  •  Double gripper jaw
  •  Tipping arm
  •  Loading stations
  •  Draining station
  •  Drying station
  •  Chuck adapters
  •  ID system with automatic scanning
  •  Cell PC with CellManager software


System 3R & GF AgieCharmilles Automation

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