MSP: Machine and Spindle Protection

The world’s only spindle protection that works in all directions!


  • Protected machine geometry
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Full cost control
  • Reduced machine-breakage insurance premium
  • Calculable machine availability

How it works

The spindle is deflected when the force acting on the tool during a collision reaches a strength that would damage the spindle bearing in the event of another surge. With this deflection of the spindle, the axis drives gain the space required for the braking distance of the automatic emergency braking. The length of the braking distance depends on the speed of travel and is limited by the clearance gained. It allows travel speeds of up to 12 m/min. to be braked without damage, regardless of direction. The machining speed is not limited because this is much slower in most materials. In order to simply run the machine within the safe limits, for example when running in a machining program, the M-function M304 was developed. It restricts the rapid feed of the axes to a speed that can be braked without damage: 12 m/min. in X, Y, Z and A to 2,250°/min. or C to 3,150°/min. After it has successfully run through the process, it is disabled with M305 and the machine runs back up to the maximum speeds.

Key Points



  • Unlimited roughing performance
  • The protection is always active
  • Spindle protection
        X, Y, Z up to 12 m/min. / 472 in/min
        C-axis up to 3,150°/min. (8.75 min-1)
        A-axis up to 2,250°/min. (6.25 min-1)