Standard machining centers (Mikron VCE Pro)

For universal application in the workshop for a large range of applications the Mikron VCE Pro-Range is the machine to be chosen. Whether 2½D or 3D application, the machine won't let you down. The standard machine has a performance, which fulfills most of the customers' demands. With additional options the machine can be customized.

Milling - Standard machining centers

Mikron VCE Pro machine line

Milling equipment: Mikron VCE Pro series. It encompasses a large program of tried and tested and exceptionally reliable vertical machining centers. From this series you can select the right size of machine and the equipment individually suited to you in order to attain high machining performances under economic conditions. Your workpiece dimensions determine the type of Mikron VCE Pro machine.

Product Travel X, Y, Z
Mikron VCE 600 Pro
600 x 500 x 540 mm
23.622 x 19.685 x 21.26 in
Mikron VCE 800 Pro
800 x 500 x 540 mm
31.496 x 19.685 x 21.26 in
Mikron VCE 800W Pro
860 x 560 x 600 mm
33.858 x 22.047 x 23.622 in
Mikron VCE 1000 Pro
1020 x 560 x 600 mm
40.157 x 22.047 x 23.622 in
Mikron VCE 1200 Pro
1200 x 600 x 675 mm
47.244 x 23.622 x 26.575 in
Mikron VCE 1400 Pro
1400 x 650 x 675 mm
55.118 x 25.591 x 26.575 in
Mikron VCE 1600 Pro
1600 x 900 x 800 mm
62.992 x 35.433 x 31.496 in


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