Technology talk

Across a wide range of industrial segments – from automotive and aerospace and aeronautics to medtech, electronic components, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – GF Machining Solutions’ customers worldwide depend on our technologies, application know-how and process expertise. GF Machining Solutions’ customers range from small and medium-sized toolmakers to global corporations. Customers’ capabilities are increasingly stretched by a variety of factors, including time and cost pressures, demand for more complex shapes, shorter product cycles and new materials. GF Machining Solutions is their partner of choice for success-triggering solutions.

Our high-speed Milling (HSM) and die-sinking, wire-cutting and hole-drilling EDM technologies are used in the manufacture of practically all of the durable goods that affect our daily lives. HSM and EDM make possible the production of complex molds and press tools for the European automotive industry, and for machining high-precision components for American communications satellites.

GF Machining Solutions’ Laser texturing process extends customers’ machining options for complex free-form surfaces and offers additional areas of application in the creative and technical areas. Our clean, sustainable Laser technology makes it is possible to economically texture, engrave, microstructure, mark and label a wide variety of materials.

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