Walk for Water 2019

Walk for Water 2023

Millions of women and children walk for more than two kilometers to collect water every day. In light of their daily burden, the 2023 GF Walk for Water charity events aim to support affected people in gaining access to clean water.

The World Health Organization states that at least two billion people lack access to safe water daily. At GF, we are part of the solution to the global water crisis.

Our impact from the 2019 GF Walk for Water

The GF Walk for Water in 2019 raised a total of CHF 500’000, which we donated to Water Mission to support safe water projects worldwide over the following years. Seven projects were implemented in Peru (see video on vimeo) Indonesia, Malawi, and Uganda, providing long-term access to safe water for more than 25’000 people. 

For more details on these projects and the impact achieved by GF, please see the following reports from Water Mission:

Water Mission GF Impact Report 2022 (PDF 4 MB)

Water Mission GF Impact Report 2021 (PDF 4 MB)