The GF Executive Committee fosters and promotes corporate culture by raising awareness and implementing core corporate values.

Focus on the essentials

The five core GF values are a daily reality at every level of the company. Our core values help us to focus on the essentials:

We put customers first

  • We treat customers as we would wish to be treated.
  • We are customer-focused in everything we think and do.
  • We always measure ourselves in terms of customer satisfaction.

We act fast

  • We keep the decision-making process short.
  • We adapt rapidly to new market realities.
  • We act promptly to resolve any issues.

We do what we say

  • We keep our promises.
  • We stick to our deadlines.
  • We meet our targets.

We reward performance

  • We set ambitious objectives.
  • We reward outstanding performance – not just with money.
  • We promote on the basis of tangible achievements.
  • We measure ourselves against the best.

We respect people

  • We value each and every contribution.
  • We seek to understand others, rather than to be understood.
  • We trust our employees and give them autonomy.