Practical relevance and full-time study at a company – with us your thesis will be a success. You will be integrated into a great, innovative team from the outset and will receive excellent expert support and guidance. We can offer you interesting areas of study and you will gain an insight into various technical or commercial areas and into the working procedures of an international company.

The best qualifications for your thesis at GF

  • Good academic performance
  • Ambition and initiative
  • Commitment and diligence
  • Team spirit and good communication skills
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Confidence in using MS Office 

Application tips

  • Timing: please apply three to four months before you wish to start on your thesis. 
  • Vacancies: Available areas of study can be found in our list of advertised areas. If you are interested in one of the advertised areas of study, please apply directly to the relevant location. The contact details are given with each area advertised. 
  • Speculative applications: If no areas of study are currently being advertised or if you already have an interesting subject to study, please address your speculative application directly to your contact person. 

This might also interest you: our Facebook page “Georg Fischer Young Career” is specifically aimed at young people that are just starting out on their professional career. Take a look!

HR Contacts Georg Fischer

HR Contact Georg Fischer AG

Heidi Laurito

Human Resources GF Corporation

Georg Fischer AG

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9

8201 Schaffhausen


HR Contact GF Piping Systems


Linda Diener

HR Business Partner Senior Management

Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd

Ebnatstrasse 111

8201 Schaffhausen


Location Schaffhausen (SH)

Cristina Marinoni

Human Resources

GF Piping Systems

Ebnatstrasse 111

8201 Schaffhausen


Location Subingen (SO)

Susanne Ryf

Human Resources

Georg Fischer Wavin AG

Industriestrasse 24

4553 Subingen


Location Seewis (GR)

Tamara Sommer

Human Resources

Georg Fischer Rohrleitungssysteme AG

Lösliweg 26

7212 Seewis-Pardisla


Location Sissach (BL)

Barbara Frei

Human Resources

Georg Fischer JRG AG

Hauptstrasse 130

4450 Sissach


HR Contact GF Casting Solutions
HR Contact GF Machining Solutions

Jean-Marc Hug

Head of Human Resources and Academy

GF Machining Solutions Management SA

Rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine 8

1217 Meyrin