In 2018, 16 GF apprentices traveled to Bolivia for a week in order to take part in a development project week. They visited villages that now have their own supply of clean drinking water, thanks in part to GF. The good experiences in Bolivia prompted GF to increase its support. A donation of CHF 210'000 from the GF Clean Water Foundation is helping to promote the sustainable management of water resources and ensure access to drinking water and sanitary facilities in 13 communities. In the three districts involved in the project, an average of 80 percent of the population has no access to clean drinking water, and more than half does not have toilets. The measures made possible by the donation, which include the creation of infrastructure and the protection of water sources, will benefit around 2'200 inhabitants. 

Updated website shows how and where Clean Water is carrying out its work

Through its Clean Water Foundation, GF has been supporting non-profit projects in more than 50 countries since 2002. The Foundation’s aim is to provide people with a supply of clean drinking water. GF has overhauled and refreshed the Foundation’s website in order to improve communications, for example with charities or potential benefactors. Its structure, appearance and user-friendliness are based on GF’s new company website, which was launched in spring 2019. The website is built around a wealth of information regarding the Foundation’s history and achievements. Organizations can also submit projects to the Clean Water Foundation directly via the website. Anyone who would like to get directly involved with projects or make a targeted donation can easily find the relevant information on the website.

16. January 2020

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