At GF, we focus on sustainability. We act according to our principles of ethical business conduct, responsibility for our employees, and commitment to protect the environment.

The GF Sustainability Report 2019, which is our annual “health check,” shows that we are on track to meet our sustainability targets. Last year, we made progress once again. For example, our three GF Divisions generated 54 percent (2018: 47 percent) of their sales with products and solutions that have a social or environmental benefit for customers. This means, for example,

  • products for leakage- and bacteria-free water supply and significant water savings from GF Piping Systems.
  • innovative lightweight components for more sustainable mobility with lower emissions from GF Casting Solutions.
  • high-precision machine tools to reduce customers' consumption of materials and energy.
Specific examples and additional information on sustainability topics – such as an overview of how the GF Divisions are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – are available in the GF Sustainability Report on the GF website and in the GF Investor Presentation


Johann Viljoen

Head of Corporate Sustainability

Georg Fischer AG

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9

8201 Schaffhausen