Why was a share split executed, and what does that mean for me as a shareholder?

The price of the registered share of Georg Fischer Ltd has increased significantly in recent years; it is now higher than that of most comparable companies. The share split in the ratio 1:20 is executed in order to improve the tradability of the shares. There is a new total of 82,017,960 registered shares with a par value of CHF 0.05 outstanding. The share capital of Georg Fischer AG remains herewith at CHF 4,100,898. The split registered shares will be traded as of 28 April 2022. Shareholders do not need to take any action after the share split. The split registered shares will now be traded on SIX with the ticker symbol "GF" (previously: "FI-N"). In addition, the split registered shares will be assigned the new ISIN number CH1169151003 and the new valor 116 915 100.

How can I buy shares in the GF Corporation?

You can purchase shares through your custodian bank or an online broker.

How many GF shares are there?

There were 4,100,898 shares as at 31 December 2021. There is a new total of 82,017,960 registered shares since the 1:20 share split on 28 April 2022.

Where are these shares traded?
Who are the shareholders?

As of 31 December 2021, one shareholder had shareholdings above 5%. Impax Asset Management Limited, London (United Kingdom), had shareholdings of 5.01%, according to the last disclosure notification published on 4 March 2020. Two shareholders had shareholdings of between 3% and 5%. The BlackRock Group, held directly or indirectly by BlackRock, Inc., New York (USA), had shareholdings of 4.92%, according to the last disclosure notification published on 12 December 2018. UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, Zurich (Switzerland), had shareholdings of 3.01%, according to the last disclosure notification published on 23 September 2021.

More information about structure of shareholders.

What else can be said about GF shares?

GF shares (symbol: GF, security number: 116 915 100, ISIN: CH1169151003) are registered shares, meaning that they bear the shareholder’s name; shareholders are entitled to one vote per share.

In relation to the Company, only persons or entities entered in the share register shall be regarded as registered shareholders or as beneficiaries of registered shares.

The approval of the entry in the share register requires that an individual or corporate body may directly or indirectly hold a maximum of 5% of the registered share capital (voting restrictions).

Since when have these shares been traded on the stock exchange?

Since January 1903.

In which share indices is GF listed?

The share is represented in various indices and subindices, including the SPI (Swiss Performance Index), SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI, SMIM (SMI Mid), SMI Expanded, Swiss All Share Index, UBS 100 Index, ESG Equity Index,  SXI Swiss Sustainability 25 Index.  (country: Switzerland)

What is the par value of GF shares?

The par value per registered share amounts CHF 0.05.

How long before the Annual Shareholders' Meeting can GF shares be traded?

The purchase and sale of GF shares is possible at all times, there are no trade restrictions. The reference day for the registration in the share register is about ten days prior to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The registration in the share register is a condition precedent to receive voting rights.

What is the Corporation’s dividend policy?

GF has a results-oriented dividend policy, meaning that about 30% to 40% of the Corporation’s annual profits goes to shareholders.

Is GF entitled to buy its own shares?

The company is allowed to buy its own shares only if it has the necessary capital at its disposal and the total par value of the shares it buys does not exceed ten percent of the total share capital.

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早在1903年,GF 的股票便已在证券交易所上市交易。代码:FI N。ISIN:CH0001752309。