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Lightweight constructions save energy

The highly complex lightweight components are produced using four manufacturing technologies – from the development to the ready-to-mount solution.

The core competence is the development and the production of lightweight components in high-pressure die-casting, iron casting, precision casting as well as additive manufacturing. For years, research and development has been driven by efforts to lower CO2 emissions and to reduce vehicle weight.


Business Areas

First choice for castings & additive components

GF Casting Solutions is one of the leading solution providers of lightweight components in the mobility and energy industry. As a future-oriented company, GF Casting Solutions acts as a driving force for innovation in the foundry and additive manufacturing world and wants to take the lead in shaping the development of sustainable mobility.

Global presence

GF Casting Solutions manufactures at 13 production sites in Germany, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, China and the USA. The research and development centers with globally recognized lightweight and bionic design expertise are located in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and Suzhou (China).

GF Casting Solutions is the first choice for light vehicles, trucks, aerospace, energy, off-highway vehicles and industrial applications. GF Casting Solutions is recognized for its development & production competence in aluminum & magnesium, iron and super alloys.

With the acquisition of the precision casting specialist GF Precicast in April 2018, the division not only extended its manufacturing competences but also achieved to diversify its market segmentation. With this fundamental strategic step, the division also received its new name GF Casting Solutions.

After the acquisition of two die-casting facilities in Romania in December 2017, GF Casting Solutions added new solutions within the industrial applications segment – such as lighting housings to its portfolio and extended its offer of components for passenger cars. The focus is not only on the high-pressure die-casting process, but also on the elaborate mechanical processing.

The new tool shop in Suzhou, China as well as our partnership with the leading mold maker GF meco eckel boosts the competitiveness of our light metal offering. The partnership with GF meco eckel will allow to earlier involve the component design, speed up the design-to-production processes, and ensure a seamless service for our customers.

In 2015, GF Casting Solutions announced a 50/50 joint venture with the world leading machining specialist Linamar Corp., Guelph (Ontario, Canada). Together, GF and Linamar Corp. invest in a new high-pressure die-casting plant in the Southeast of the US which was ceremoniously opened in October 2017.


Expertise, innovation and quality

The Division compares materials and processes, determines key material data and tests components in its accredited lab. Thanks to the extensive development and production know-how, the development time between the prototype and the series product is significantly reduced.

Research & Development

Lightweight design is a hallmark of quality

Light components contribute actively towards the CO2 reduction. GF Casting Solutions develops casting processes for components that by means of lightweight design and downsizing reduce vehicle weight and thus also fuel consumption. By optimizing structures, GF Casting Solutions creates hollow, thin-walled castings with consistent or even better stability.

GF Casting Solutions has a strong focus on its central Research and Development department. Approximately three percent of annual revenue is spent on R&D.


Building on a sustainable partnership

In recent years, the global rise of electric cars has led to an increasing demand for lightweight solutions. As a pioneer in the field, GF Casting Solutions is supporting Volvo Cars with its broad development know-how to combine multiple parts into one, decreasing the carmaker’s costs as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

Taking the fast lane

Electric car manufacturers in China need suppliers with strong Research & Development capabilities and great operational efficiency. GF Casting Solutions has both. Through its successful partnership with emerging carmaker Aiways, the division demonstrated that a global company can be a great partner for a startup in the Chinese market. 

Annual Report 2018: Success Story GF Casting Solutions

“We believe in continuous growth opportunities”

Doosan Heavy Industries (DHI) is a leading manufacturer of power generation equipment. In 2020, this South Korean company will bring its first in-house designed gas turbine to market. GF Precicast, part of GF Casting Solutions, is DHI’s strategic partner, equipping the turbine with heat-resistant precision-casting parts.