Unveiling the superpowers of young GF talents

Unveiling the superpowers of young GF talents

What are your "superpowers"? In a new series of videos, we meet young GF apprentices and interns who share some of their strengths with us.

Superpowers make us unique. They go beyond the skills and expertise gained through academic studies or vocational training to include particular abilities that stem from personality, life experience, or natural talents. In this video series, we find out how these young colleagues apply their superpowers in their day-to-day work. 

As a global industrial engineering company, GF values the skills and expertise that employees gain through their studies and apprenticeships. Indeed, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, our apprenticeship programs enable young people to hone their skills in some 20 vocational areas. But we also prize the superpowers of our young talents. 

Join us, in this series, in hearing firsthand how eight young talents are thriving in their work environment. 

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