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GF Building Flow Solutions is a leading global provider of solutions that efficiently and effectively move water through cities, buildings, and homes.

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Product portfolio

GF Building Flow Solutions’ product portfolio covers systems for water, indoor climate, and infrastructure. Our solutions are suitable both for new builds as well as for renovation projects.

Water and Indoor Climate Systems

Our solutions for hygienic drinking water delivery and energy-efficient heating and cooling are available both for the residential and for the commercial market. 

Water and Indoor Climate Systems Teaser Water and Indoor Climate Systems

Our solutions ensure pleasant living conditions in homes as well as comfortable working environments and help to increase the efficiency of a building be it a single-family home or commercial high-rise building. 

Water and Indoor Climate Systems Teaser Prefabricated solutions

Our prefabricated solutions are designed to make the building and maintenance processes more efficient. The preassembled plumbing and underfloor heating manifolds and prefabricated technical walls speed up construction or renovation projects, while making operation and maintenance faster and easier. 

Infrastructure Solutions

For municipalities and utilities, we offer solutions for the safe and effective distribution and management of water. Our infrastructure solutions cover systems for stormwater management, sewer, potable water, underground ventilation, wastewater and gas distribution, as well as cable and telecom solutions. 

Infrastructure Solutions Teaser Infrastructure Solutions

GF Building Flow Solutions also offers turn-key Designed Solutions projects for water and sewage treatment plants, heavy industry manufacturers and fish farms.


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