Our values: A strong signal of our company culture.

Our new three values are in line with our aspiration. Building on our strong foundation, they support us develop our corporate culture and successfully implement our strategy 2025.

Georg Fischer value performance

Performance is about speed and excellence.

The world is changing quickly. And constantly. Our vision is not just to keep up with an ever-evolving landscape, but to shape the future and lead in our markets.

Whatever we do, we have to play in the top league. It is not only about results, but also about how we get there and how soon. Thus, focus is key.

We show drive and ownership, and play to full potential – on all levels.

How can you deliver on it?

Georg Fischer value learning

Learning is about having an open mind.

In a fast-changing world, we have to be open to new ideas, concepts and methods.

We have to have the courage to embark on new paths. We have to give up on silo thinking and learn from and partner with the best. It is ok to make mistakes, if we learn quickly and share the lesson learned. We foster a proactive behaviour to explore and learn.

Our past success is no guarantee. An open mind, however, is a prerequisite for future success.

What will you change?

Georg Fischer value caring

Caring is about being part of a team.

We can only win as a team. Our caring culture is key to creating a supportive, trustful and collaborative environment.

We need strong and diverse team players. We have to act as role models – in bringing people together, encouraging constructive discussions and thus enabling high performing teams.

How can you make it win?

Our purpose motivates us to give our best every day: Becoming better every day – since 1802

GF always had the ambition to become better

  • by innovating technologies and setting new standards
  • by developing people
  • by creating a positive impact on society
  • and by reducing the environmental footprint, while also helping customers do the same.

GF aims to continue on this path towards a more sustainable world and to create a corporate culture that is highly motivating and inspiring.