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Specialists and managers

At GF, we offer many opportunities, in management as well as in specialized fields.

At GF, we believe that every generation brings unique skills and experiences. We strive to build trust and cooperation between different generations of employees and encourage them to learn from one another through a variety of mentoring and coaching processes.

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What do professionals appreciate about GF?

“I challenge myself, give new things a try, and aim to be persistent when learning something new. Identifying a coach who can support you in developing new skills can be very helpful. For my new role as focus factory lead, I had to learn how to build new products and take leadership responsibility for a few team members – a great opportunity!”

© Picture: Patrick Strattner

“We foster and synergize the unique strengths of individual employees to ensure customer success. This involves continuous learning and openly sharing ideas and feedback. Being able to work in an environment with a passionate team is truly inspiring and motivating. For the future, I'm looking forward to interacting with more GF colleagues worldwide.”

© Picture: Noriko Hayashi