Nadja Buschhaus

Corporate Controller Nadja Buschhaus

Divison: GF Corporate

Department: Corporate Controlling

Job Title: Corporate Controller

What fascinates you about science?

Science is innovation, discovery, learning and systematically creating something new every day. With the help of research, we gain new knowledge in many different areas. I like the idea that we don't stand still and are always evolving.

What path have you taken in your career so far? 

After my apprenticeship, I was able to gain my first work experience in the field of Controlling. Alongside my job, I completed an MBA program in Financial Management and am currently refreshing my knowledge by completing an additional Executive MBA program.

How do you apply science in your job?

My job is a science in itself. It all starts with an idea. I am very fascinated by numbers. Numbers speak a very logical and structured language and show no emotions. In Controlling, we develop functional concepts, convert them into technical concepts in the team and finally implement the new idea in our Controlling application.