Beatrice Ma

Product Development Engineer Beatrice Ma

Divison: GF Casting Solutions 

Department: Research and Development

Job Title: Product Development Engineer

What fascinates you about science?

When what I study takes shape in everyday life at work. Based on the theory - and applying formulas and technical knowledge about materials and their properties, I can create innovative solutions.

What path have you taken in your career so far? 

I graduated from Material Shaping and Control Engineering at the Polytechnic University and gained further experience through professional trianings alongside my job. I have been working at GF Casting Solutions since 2021 in Product Development in R&D for iron castings.

How do you apply science in your job?

For the optimized design of lightweight products for the sustainable mobility of the future, I apply the principles gained from mechanical engineering studies and modern casting technology on a daily basis. We use different types of simulations and also collaborate closely with the customers's development teams to find the best matching solution.