Adina Dorthe

Head of Innovation and R&D, Digital Transformation Adina Dorthe

Divison: GF Machining Solutions

Department: Digital Business

Job Title: Head of Innovation and R&D, Digital Transformation

What fascinates you about science?

Science is about the search for understanding: understanding how and why people and things work the way they do. It's also about hope, the hope that we collectively have the power to make our life better by inventing new ways of producing, moving, working, and more.

What path have you taken in your career so far? 

I hold a master's degree in Information Systems Engineering and an Executive MBA in Management of Technology & Innovation. In my current role, I can combine my experience from software development and digital learning with the opportunity to lead a team.

How do you apply science in your job?

There are several aspects of science that I apply in my daily work. The most obvious is in the area of new technologies in software development. One example: the use of artificial intelligence in our software applications to better predict the life expectancy of our machine tools. I need to understand how new technologies can affect our current work, how we can turn them into added value for our customers, and what we need to implement them successfully at GF.