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Celebrating women in science

As a global technology company, GF is committed to attracting the best talent while contributing to greater diversity in the workplace. Read the stories of some of our female colleagues who are pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in our organization.

The future belongs to the next generations – but young women are fairly underrepresented in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The gap already begins in academia: According to the UNESCO, only around 30% of the world’s researchers are women, with large regional differences. The World Economic Forum estimates that just 3% of students joining information and communication technology (ICT) courses across the globe are women. That improves slightly to 5% for mathematics and statistics courses. And it increases to 8% for engineering, manufacturing and construction courses.

At GF, we believe in providing equal opportunities and encourage young female talent to pursue a career in our industry. For example, by hosting them - and their male colleagues, of course - on the annual Swiss National Future Day, where they can learn more about technical jobs and roles at GF's headquarters in Schaffhausen, Biel and at other GF sites in Switzerland.

To address the gender gap and other issues such as shortage of labor, we are showcasing the opportunities that GF is offering, perhaps also managing to inspire young women to pursue STEM studies. One thing is for sure. Those who graduate or train in these areas have good chances to start a career at GF.

Science makes life better

Let's look at what is possible at GF: Four women who have a scientific or engineering background share with us their stories and insights into their STEM life at GF. Adina Dorthe, for example, holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering and an executive MBA in Management of Technology & Innovation and leads the Digital Business Innovation and R&D teams. Francesca Viggiano, Head of Sustainability Program Management, has a background in environmental engineering, and Beatrice Ma, Product Development Engineer, a background in Control Engineering, while Nadja Buschhaus tells us about how a fascination with numbers has led her to become a Corporate Controller. In common, they have a passion for scientific knowledge: "It simply makes life better", says Adina. Discover their profiles, see links below.

Multiple opportunities for women at GF

At GF, diversity refers to accepting and celebrating the rich spectrum of personal and social differences that make each person unique. The importance of this topic is reflected in Sustainability Framework 2025. One of its target says, that 25% of newly appointed managers are women. In 2022, GF was exceeding this target already with 29%. 

You can read more about diversity and inclusion, progress on gender balance, and the advancement of women at GF in the GF Sustainability Report 2022.

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