Supplier Code

Code for Business Partners

Making sustainability a reality involves more than just our company: it also extends to our supply chain. We have therefore introduced a Code for Business Partners.

External stakeholders of GF, including investors and customers, are placing increasing focus on sustainable and ethical conduct in their supply chains. GF expects this from its own employees, as well as from its material, product and service providers as well.

These expectations are formulated in GF's Code for Business Partners and Code of Conduct, for example on compliance with the laws and prohibition of corruption. 

According to the Code for Business Partners, GF’s business partners are required to abide by the applicable laws and regulations, to respect human rights and in particular to respect human dignity. As a matter of principle, GF does not tolerate any form of corruption from its business partners, such as bribery or the granting or acceptance of unlawful benefits, regardless of whether they are given directly, through intermediaries, to private persons or public authority officials.