GF to upgrade Klostergut Paradies – new hotel and restaurant conversion planned

27/04/2023 - 13:00 (Central European Time)

GF’s Paradies Foundation, owner of the Klostergut Paradies site in Schlatt (Thurgau) is planning to build a new hotel for its seminar guests. The hotel will also be available to the public. At the same time, the Paradies restaurant, which is located directly on the Rhine, will be renovated and upgraded in an environmentally friendly way. Both projects have been carefully planned in line with the highest energy and sustainability standards. The Federal Commission for the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage (FCNC), the Department of Monument Preservation of the Canton of Thurgau, and the municipality of Schlatt support the project.

Klostergut Paradies has been owned by Georg Fischer AG (GF) in Schaffhausen since 1918. The former convent has been open to GF employees from across the world as a training and education center since 1974. Every year, around 5,000 employees and guests use the infrastructure of this listed historical site, which for many has become an oasis that binds them with the roots of GF. GF invests approximately CHF 0.5 million in the premises annually.

At the same time, the historical buildings, including the restaurant located directly on the Rhine, are a popular destination for hiking, boating ("Weidling"), cycling, walking, and for nature lovers. As it should remain this way in the future, Paradies is set to undergo a moderate upgrade in the interest of all its users. To do so, GF plans to invest around CHF 10 million in infrastructure over the coming years, and 15 new jobs will be created to realize the project.


Hotel with 34 rooms

There is a need for accommodation options for those who attend the training and education seminars as well as external conferences, or wedding guests. At present, this cannot be offered on site, which leads to increased individual travel. The hotel, which is planned on the northern section of the convent square, will be harmoniously embedded between the residential complex and the Paradies restaurant, and will be comparable to a three-star accommodation. It will offer 34 rooms that are spacious enough to accommodate two guests each. The hotel will be available to external guests during seminar-free weeks – particularly in the summer – but also on most weekends. It will also boast a terrace that can seat 80 people and it will serve an attractive culinary offering.


Elaborate ecological upgrade of the restaurant

After the operating concept has been developed, the existing Paradies restaurant, which is also a historical site, will be renovated in accordance with the most modern environmental standards. Among other improvements, new ventilation systems and the kitchen infrastructure will be completely renovated. The restaurant, with inside seating for 80 guests, will operate year-round. In addition to catering for the hotel, it will include a well-tended beer garden for around 100 visitors, on days with good weather. To ensure emissions stay as low as possible and to maintain an unobstructed view of the Rhine, the hotel and restaurant will be connected below ground. In addition to the extended offer, services for users of the public space will also be improved (public toilets, parking, etc.).
The food will include the highest share of regional products and a high proportion of organic produce. Development of a detailed operating concept is currently under way. To ensure efficient processes and seamless operations in the training center, hotel, restaurant, and the unchanged ferry service, will be jointly managed. The use and storage of the wooden boats ("Weidlinge") will also continue to be possible and will be hardly impacted by construction.


Sustainability investments for the future

To upgrade the site in an ecological way, the municipality of Schlatt has planned to re-naturalize the Mülibach, which will also be expanded to include a cold water bay as a protected reserve for fish. Electric charging stations, including for e-bikes, and photovoltaic systems on the neighboring buildings are also planned. For the hotel, regionally-sourced wood will be used, and an alternative geothermic energy source for heat is being considered. The Paradies Foundation is in contact with regional nature conservation and environmental associations to assess ideas for additional ecological improvements as well as their implementation.

The submission of the construction application is planned for the coming week. If no objections are filed, construction will start at the end of 2023/early 2024. For this reason, the Paradies Foundation has decided to reopen the currently closed Paradies restaurant for one season (May through September 2023) and to offer the space for interim use. Further details will be announced later.

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