Upgrading Klostergut Paradies: the construction of a hotel and the renovation of the restaurant begins in June 2024

07/05/2024 - 09:00 (Central European Time)

The planned new Hotel Paradies in Schlatt (TG) as well as the renovation of the restaurant ʺParadiesʺ is in progress. The authorities have issued all construction permits. The construction work will start in June 2024 and take around 20 months. 

The GF-owned Foundation Paradies, the owner of Klostergut Paradies site in Schlatt (TG), presented its plan of building a new hotel with 34 rooms for the participants of seminars and meetings around a year ago. The rooms will also be available to the public – primarily on weekends and during the holiday seasons. An important focus of the project is its environmental-friendly renovation and upgrade of the restaurant ʺParadiesʺ, which is a popular destination in the summer. The restaurant will operate all year long in the future.

Both projects have cleared major hurdles in the past weeks and received essential construction permits. The construction will begin in June and last around 20 months in total, to be completed by the end of December 2025.

Considering the impracticality of maintaining an operating restaurant due to the logistical demands and circumstances during the construction period, a ʺSunset Barʺ will be set up on weekends during the summer season. The bar will start its operations on 17 May – provided that the weather is good.

As part of the preliminary work, the Mülibach stream was renaturalized and expanded with a cold-water bay as a shelter for the fish. In addition, GF is also examining the renaturalization of the riverbanks of the Rhine near the restaurant and hotel, a wish often expressed by nature conservation and environmental protection organizations, in cooperation with the energy company SH Power.

GF would like to express its gratitude to the Swiss Federal Commission for the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage (FCNC), the office for the preservation of monuments in canton Thurgau as well as the local authority of Schlatt for their immense support, and to all the neighbors and parties involved for their positive reactions to the project. GF is investing approximately CHF 10 million in the construction and renovation; the new hotel and restaurant operations are expected to create around 15 new jobs.

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