From 1802

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Laying the foundations in Schaffhausen

On 3 June 1802, the 29-year old Johann Conrad Fischer (1773 - 1854) bought a water-driven mill in the Mühlental valley near Schaffhausen (Switzerland). He used the mill as a copper smelting plant and works for developing new alloys.


First cast steel

Johann Conrad Fischer was probably the first person in continental Europe to manufacture cast steel successfully in crucibles. The quality of the ensuring product was on a par with that of "Huntsman steel" in England.


State guest: Czar Alexander I of Russia

Johann Conrad Fischer's excellent reputation prompted the Russian Czar, Alexander I (1777 - 1825) to visit the Schaffhausen metallurgist's works on a trip to Switzerland.


Expansion I

Johann Conrad Fischer and his son Georg Fischer I (1804 - 1888) establish the steel mill Hainfed in Austria, where Johann Conrad Fischer patented all of his inventions.



Expansion II

The Traisen steelworks was also founded in Austria. Berthold Fischer (1807 - 1879), took over management of the Traisen works.


Licensing out

Johann Conrad Fischer developed cast steel moulds and licensed them out.

In the same year the company founder moulded castings from steel for the first time.