Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is headed by CEO Yves Serra. The heads of the Divisions and the Corporate units are responsible for the development and attainment of their corporate goals and for the autonomous management of their respective areas. The CEO is in charge of running the Corporation as a whole.

Yves Serra

Yves Serra
Chief Executive Officer of Georg Fischer Ltd, 1953 (France) 

CV Yves Serra (PDF)


Until 17 April 2019

Andreas Müller

Andreas Müller
Chief Financial Officer of Georg Fischer Ltd, 1970 (Germany) 

CV Andreas Müller (PDF)


As of 17 April 2019 CEO

Mads Joergensen

Mads Joergensen
Chief Financial Officer of Georg Fischer Ltd, 1969 (Denmark) 

CV Mads Joergensen (PDF)


As of 18 April 2019 CFO

Joost Geginat

Joost Geginat
Head of GF Piping Systems, 1966 (Germany)

CV Joost Geginat (PDF)

Josef Edbauer

Carlos Vasto
Head of GF Casting Solutions, 1963 (Brazil)

CV Carlos Vasto (PDF)


Pascal Boillat

Pascal Boillat
Head of GF Machining Solutions, 1955 (Switzerland)

CV Pascal Boillat (PDF)


The Corporation has three divisions, GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions and GF Machining Solutions, plus the Corporate Staff units Finance & Controlling and Corporate Development. The Chief Executive Officer is also the Head of Corporate Development.

Responsibility for the Management of the Corporation

The CEO, supported by the other members of the Executive Committee, bears responsibility for the management of the Corporation, where this is not delegated to the divisions or the Corporate Staff Units.

The Heads of the divisions, supported by the Heads of the Business Units and divisions, bear responsibility for the management of the divisions. The Corporate Staff Units support the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in their management and supervisory functions. The parent company of all the corporate subsidiaries is Georg Fischer Ltd.