Hands protecting globe of green tree on tropical nature summer background, Ecology and Environment concept

Strategy 2025

With its new Strategy 2025, GF will become a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value.

The new Strategy 2025 builds on the promising path we pursued over the last five years with its three Strategic Focus Areas

  • Drive profitable growth
  • Increase robustness
  • Performance and learning culture

GF wants to become a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value. This is our vision. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. By 2025, GF wants to generate 70% of its sales with products and solutions that offer customers social and environmental benefits. By forming a new Sustainability Committee within our Board of Directors, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) topics will be introduced at the highest company level.

With the new strategy, GF will address needs stemming from global mega-trends, such as having enough clean water to cater to a growing global population, lighter car components to reduce carbon emissions, or high precision parts to reduce energy consumption. Innovation is the engine that propels our business forward.

Our new values

New values and a new vision will help to drive forward the Strategy 2025 and to further develop the strong foundation of GF's culture. This endeavor is also supported by the purpose of GF: Becoming better every day – since 1802.

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