GF Walk for Water raised USD 525’000

GF Walk for Water raised USD 525’000

The 2023 GF Walk for Water raised USD 525’000 for humanitarian projects supported by GF’s Clean Water Foundation. The proceeds will enable rural communities around the world to improve water security and resource management.

The events in 2023 raised 5% more money than the last ones in 2019. Participation was up by over 40%, with more than 1’430 employees, partners and customers across six countries – Germany, Switzerland, the US, Indonesia, the UK and China – taking part in these fundraising events. Participants pledged to raise funds by walking two kilometers with a bucket of water. This is symbolic of the distance that millions of women and children cover each day in search of water. 

The foundation will continue to partner with different organizations to tackle the global water crisis. Most of the 2023 proceeds will go to Water Mission, the foundation’s long-standing partner. In China, funding will go to “Mother’s Water Cellar” projects. 

14 December 2023

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