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FAQ: The Corporation

Learn more about GF. Here you will find frequently asked questions about the Corporation.

When was GF founded?

The company was founded in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1802 by Johann Conrad Fischer and became a joint-stock company a hundred years later. GF has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (now SIX Swiss Exchange) since 1903.

How many employees work for GF Corporation?


Number of employees


Number of employees

2022 15’207
2021 15'111
2020 14’118
2019 14'678
2018 15’027
2017 15’835
2016 14’808
2015 14’424
2014 14’140
2013 14’066
2012 13’412
2011 13’153
2010 12’908
2009 12’481
2008 14’326
2007 12’986
2006 12’385
2005 12’403
2004 13’324
2003 13’247
2002 13’737
Where do these employees work?
Country Percentage
Germany 8
Switzerland 23
Rest of Europe 23
China 23
Rest of Asia 4
Americas 15
Rest of world 4
Which divisions belong to the GF Corporation and what are their core-businesses?

The GF Corporation has three divisions:

  • GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics and metal. The division focuses on system solutions and high-quality components for the safe transport of water, chemicals and gases, as well as corresponding services. The product portfolio of fittings, valves, pipes, automation and jointing technologies covers all applications of the water cycle.

  • GF Casting Solutions is one of the leading solution providers of lightweight components in the mobility and energy industry. As a future-oriented company, GF Casting Solutions acts as a driving force for innovation in the foundry and additive manufacturing world and wants to take the lead in shaping the development of sustainable mobility.

  • GF Machining Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of complete solutions to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The portfolio includes Milling, wire-cutting, and die-sinking EDM machines. Moreover, the division offers Spindles, Laser texturing, Laser micromachining, Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Automation, as well as digitalization solutions.
How many sites and production locations does GF have?

The company has 192 sites including 83 production facilities and a direct presence in 39 different countries worldwide.

What are GF’s values?
  • Performance is about speed and excellence
  • Learning is about having an open mind
  • Caring is about being part of team
Who is on the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is made up of eight people. Its duties and responsibilities are defined by the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Articles of Association and the Corporation’s own code of conduct and organizational rules.

Board of Directors (20 April 2022)


Born in  



Born in  


Yves Serra 1953 Chairman Board of Directors
Chairman of the Nomination and Sustainability Committee 
Hubert Achermann 1951 Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Independent Lead Director
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Member of the Nomination and Sustainability Committee
Peter Hackel 1969 Member of the Audit Committee
Riet Cadonau 1961 Member of the Compensation Committee
Roger Michaelis 1959 Member of the Compensation Committee
Eveline Saupper 1958 Chairwoman of the Compensation Committee
Jasmin Staiblin 1970 Member of the Audit Committee
Ayano Senaha 1982 Member of the Nomination and Sustainability Committee
Who belongs to the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee consists of five members. As President and CEO, Andreas Müller is responsible for the management of the entire GF Corporation and at the same time Head of Corporate Development. He is supported in this by the heads of the three Corporate Groups and the CFO and Head of Corporate Finance and Controlling.

Executive Committee:

Andreas Müller, CEO and at the same time Head of Corporate Development

Mads Joergensen CFO and Head of Corporate Finance and Controlling

Joost Geginat, GF Piping Systems  

Carlos Vasto, GF Casting Solutions

Ivan Filisetti, GF Machining Solutions

Does the Board of Directors have any committees to support it and if so, which?

The Board of Directors has set up three standing committees to assist it in the performance of its duties:

  • The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors with its auditing work and financial reporting. It monitors all internal and external auditing and evaluates how well the internal controlling system – including risk management and compliance with statutory requirements – is working. The committee is kept informed of all transactions and reads the notes and auditors’ reports of the Georg Fischer Corporation staff pension funds. It also comments on the Corporation’s capital transactions involving both internal and external funds.

    Hubert Achermann, Chairman
    Peter Hackel
    Jasmin Staiblin

  • The Compensation Committee assists the Board of Directors with the definition of a compensation policy for senior management and decides how members of the Executive Committee are to be remunerated.

    Eveline Saupper, Chairwoman
    Riet Cadonau
    Roger Michaelis

  • The Nomination and Sustainability Committee supports the Board of Directors in its efforts to nurture the next generation of managers and helps with the selection of suitable candidates for both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. It also supports the Board in advising on the sustainability strategy, targets, initiatives and legislation regarding ESG topics.

    Yves Serra, Chairman
    Hubert Achermann
    Ayano Senaha
According to which accounting standards does the GF Corporation prepare its financial statements?

The consolidated statement of the GF Corporation is prepared according to Swiss GAAP FER as of the fiscal year 2013 and complies with the requirements of Swiss law.

Previously the consolidated financial statements were prepared according to IFRS (formerly IAS) between 1993 and the fiscal year 2012.

How can I order a copy of the annual report?

Please find our Download Center.


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