Various analysts regularly publish their assessments of the GF share as well as studies on how they expect the company to perform.

The table shows a selection of these analysts and their assessments – we make no claim that the list is complete or up-to-date. The evaluations, judgements and expectations do not necessarily reflect the opinion of GF or its management.

If you wish to receive a copy of a particular study, please contact the analyst.




02.05.2022 Baader Helvea Christian Obst Buy
27.04.2022 Credit Suisse Patrick Laager Outperform
01.04.2022 Kepler Cheuvreux Martin Flückiger Hold
23.03.2022 Stifel Tobias Fahrenholz Buy
11.04.2022 Mirabaud  Daniel König  Buy 
01.04.2022 Octavian  Alessandro Foletti Hold
04.04.2022 Research Partners Patrick Appenzeller Buy
12.04.2022 UBS Joern Iffert Buy 
05.04.2022 Vontobel Bernd Pomrehn Buy
14.03.2022 ZKB Walter Bamert Market Perform


Updated: 02 May 2022


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Daniel Bösiger

Head of Investor Relations/Sustainability

Georg Fischer AG

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9

8201 Schaffhausen