Credit Analysts

Credit Rating and Credit Analysts

Find out more about GF's credit ratings (incl. outlook) and analysts who give regular assessments about GF.

Present rating and outlook

GF is not rated by an official credit rating agency like Moody’s, S&P or Fitch.

The following ratings comply with banking internal criteria.

Rating agency
Long-/short-term rating
Rating agency Long-/short-term rating Outlook Date
UBS BBB+ Stable 26.07.2023
Credit Suisse High BBB Stable 03.03.2023
ZKB BBB Stable 21.11.2023
Moody's Not rated    
S&P Not rated    
Fitch Not rated    

Credit Analysts

The following table shows a selection of credit analysts and their assessments who cover GF – we make no claim that the list is complete or up-to-date. The evaluations, judgements and expectations do not necessarily reflect the opinion of GF or its management.

If you wish to receive a copy of a particular study, please contact one of the following analysts.

Rating Agency
Rating Agency Analyst Phone
Credit Suisse Andrea Frey +41 44 333 79 31
UBS Alexandra Bossert +41 44 239 14 76
ZKB Adrian Knoblauch +41 44 292 33 95

Updated: 10 August 2023


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