Cinzia Lori

Divison: GF Piping Systems

Department: Marketing & Technical Sales Support (Italy)

Job Title: Marketing & Technical Sales Support Manager, Marketing Manager Region S-EUR

Field of studies: M.Sc. Building Engineering

What inspired you to become an engineer?

Since primary school, I have always had a strong preference for math and science, so it was natural for me to pursue my studies in engineering. What I like about this field is the pragmatism and structured mindset, which enable me to face almost any challenge.

What is the recipe to build a successful career in engineering?

A structured organization is important to help people perform. However, the quality of human relations makes a real difference. Working together with professionals from all over the world and having opportunities to learn about different topics are two things that inspire me in my role at GF.

Which inventors or inventions have inspired you?

Learning about the inventor Federico Faggin, known as the father of microchips, has fascinated me recently. His inventions have enabled countless tools that we use daily, such as computers, smartphones, touchscreens and calculators. He has worked for the most relevant companies of the Silicon Valley and has received a recognition from former president of the United States Barack Obama. It is the story of a great talent but also of a great will.

Why is the role of women in STEM disciplines important?

I consider it a positive thing to encourage girls and women who have a genuine interest in science, just as we would in any other field of study. Even if more boys and men study sciences, I have always seen female colleagues getting high grades and building successful careers. Therefore, I have never perceived science as a field only for men.