Banner image of Andri Ragettli snowboarding

GF is the new partner of the Swiss freestyle champion Andri Ragettli

GF and Andri Ragettli, both share the same vision of making sure access to clean drinking water.

Andri Ragettli is one of the best athletes in his discipline. The 22-year-old Swiss freestyle skier has won most of what there is to win in his sport: For example two gold medals and three bronze medals at the X Games or eight World Cup victories. Ragettli has so far participated in 39 World Cup races. He is also currently competing at the World Championships in Aspen, CO (US). GF is pleased to support this exceptional athlete as new head sponsor.  

In his current video blog, Andri Ragettli explains why he partnered with GF and what role clean drinking water plays in this relationship.

Image of Andri Ragettli Andri Ragettli image

The GF social media channels provide regular updates about the partnership.

You can also find out more about GF, its commitment to clean drinking water and the Clean Water Foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd.