Image of GF Wold water day

World Water Day: GF supports new drinking water projects

With its Clean Water Foundation, GF is now supporting new clean drinking water projects in India, Tanzania and Honduras.

Each year on 22 March, the United Nations celebrates World Water Day, a day when the focus is on people and regions without safe access to clean drinking water. GF's commitment to providing clean water spans already 19 years. Through its Clean Water Foundation, GF has supported a total of 155 drinking water projects worldwide since 2002. Until today, GF has invested more than CHF 11 million and improved the lives of more than 300'000 people through better access to clean drinking water – most recently in eight successfully completed projects in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kenya, Lebanon and Montenegro.  

Now, the Foundation's Board of Trustees has approved three new drinking water projects:

  • with the Swiss-Indian organization SkillSonics, to train young sanitary plumbers in India
  • with the Swiss non-governmental organization SolidarMed to improve the water supply in eight health stations in Tanzania
  • with the US-based foundation Water Mission to rebuild the water supply in Honduras after two hurricanes.

GF Piping Systems is a specialist for the safe transport of water

With its Division GF Piping Systems, GF is responding to the needs that stem from megatrends of the future. These include providing clean water to a growing world population. GF Piping Systems is a leader in the safe transport of liquids and gases and develops, among other things, automated solutions for the reduction of water losses or for safe hygiene processes.

Find out more about the activities of GF's Clean Water Foundation and learn about solutions and services from GF Piping Systems.