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Sustainability at GF: How we do it

GF generates more than half of its sales with products and solutions that have environmental or social benefits. Learn more about how GF is becoming a sustainability and innovation leader.

At GF, sustainability and innovation are important pillars of the Strategy 2025. The recently published GF Sustainability Report 2020 shows that GF is making progress. Last year, the three GF divisions generated 58% (2019: 54%) of their sales with products and solutions that have social or environmental benefits. GF’s goal is to increase this number to over 70% within the next five years. That is ambitious, but achievable.  

In the report, we highlight GF's sustainability efforts and successes, such as the decrease in energy consumption and accident rate.

The three success stories

demonstrate how GF provides superior value to its customers.

Specific examples and additional information on sustainability topics – such as an overview of how GF is contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – are presented in the Georg Fischer – Sustainability Report 2020.


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Lindsay Zingg

Head Corporate Sustainability

Georg Fischer AG

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