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GF increases access to clean water

As part of our efforts to raise awareness and increase collaboration with key stakeholders, GF Piping Systems has launched a webcast series about water loss, water scarcity, and the solutions available to help overcome this major global challenge.

Water is so vital that the UN has listed access to this resource as a human right since 2010. Nevertheless, water remains a scarce resource, with two-thirds of the global population at risk of facing water shortages in the next few years. How much water gets lost due to leakages in distribution infrastructure? Worldwide, the estimation ranges between 20 and 50% - huge figures for this vital resource. 

As a leader in piping systems, GF provides solutions to safely transport water and improve the quality of the existing water infrastructure. 

Watch the video below to learn more. 

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The "Solving Water Loss for Life" panel discussions highlight thought-provoking solutions to combat non-revenue water, digitalizing the water networks, and showcasing utility reference cases. The first webcast will be available on 30 November, sign up to watch them all on-demand.

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