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GF retains top position as sustainability leader

For the second consecutive year, the independent rating agency CDP has awarded GF for its efforts to tackle climate change and water security.

The London-based rating agency CDP has confirmed an "A-" rating (Leadership level) for GF, a very good achievement and a testimony to the efforts that GF is making on its journey to become a sustainability and innovation leader. GF also scored higher than the European and the Powered Machinery sector averages.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, GF has implemented a number of measures worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Among these are the purchase and self-generation of renewable electricity and using water in closed-loop cooling cycles. GF is developing sustainable innovations, with the ambition to decouple resource consumption from growth. 

Governing, identifying opportunities and implementing improvement measures are key pillars of GF's environmental management and a core part of GF's sustainability program.

Vision as a sustainability and innovation leader

In March 2021, GF released its Strategy 2025 and its ambitious Sustainability Strategy, the Sustainability Framework 2025. Eight targets define a clear roadmap towards GF's vision of a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value. GF publishes on an annual basis a Sustainability Report and provides comprehensive details on the company's sustainability journey.

In addition, the company reports every year to an external organization– CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project). 

About CDP

The CDP 2021 reporting cycle covers activities from full-year 2020. The organization has founded the biggest and most commonly used database on carbon emissions and water consumption. CDP collects information on the consumption of energy and water, and on strategic actions taken by the companies to reduce their CO2e and water footprint among others. This data is used by third parties, such as investors or customers to assess GF's sustainability performance. Read more information about CDP.

In the GF Sustainability Report 2020 and in the current GF Investor Presentation GF is providing

  • success stories from the three GF Divisions,
  • and further information on the Sustainability Framework 2025, as well as GF's contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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