Kids hands scooping water from a fountain on a sunny day

UN celebrates World Water Day: GF supports clean drinking water

With its Clean Water Foundation and partner organizations, GF is supporting clean drinking water projects in Asia, Africa, South-America and Europe.

Since 1993, each year on 22 March, the United Nations celebrates World Water Day, a day when the focus is on more than 2 billion people without safe access to clean drinking water. GF's commitment to providing clean water spans already 20 years. Through its Clean Water Foundation, GF has supported 160 drinking water projects worldwide since 2002. Until today, GF has invested more than CHF 12 million and improved the lives of more than 330'000 people, most recently through five projects in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Somaliland, Zambia and Uganda.

With its partner Water Mission, GF regularly organizes fundraising events worldwide as part of the "Walk for Water" campaign to support the fight against the global water crisis. In this walk, GF employees together with customers and partner companies cover a distance of around 5 kilometers with a bucket of water. In 2021, GF Piping Systems organized a "Walk for Water" in Irvine, CA (US). Together with sponsors, the 220 participants raised USD 150'000 for Water Mission.

Recently, GF started to support Water Mission in its efforts to set up an emergency water distribution in Ukraine.

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