Georg Fischer Capital Markets Day 2022 event picture

Innovation and sustainability – what drives us forward

Global trends offer many opportunities. GF develops innovative and sustainable solutions, in line with its Strategy 2025. Some of them were presented at the successful GF Capital Markets Day 2022.

Every three years, analysts and media representatives are exclusively given a comprehensive insight into new technologies, applications and manufacturing methods at the Capital Markets Day - this year in line with the GF Strategy 2025 with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

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This year's showcase in Schaffhausen was hosted by the GF Executive Committee and focused on innovative exhibits and cases from the three divisions. With Water as a service, GF Piping Systems showed how it can provide access to alternative water sources for the sustainable and high-quality purification of process and drinking water, together with partners. At GF Casting Solutions, so-called Big Castings were on display, with which the division is making another important contribution to sustainable mobility. GF Machining Solutions provided insights into the Factory of the future, which enables efficient manufacturing processes thanks to automation and highest precision. 

Learn more about our Strategy 2025 and sustainability at GF.

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The presentations of the Capital Markets Day 2022, including information about the showcases, are available for download.