GF wins award for the Image Movie

GF wins awards for its image movie

Strong images, speed and entertainment distinguish the GF image movie. This has also convinced the juries of renowned film awards. GF has been honored three times for Going Forward.

Of the three awards, the German Business Film Award, presented at the end of October 2022 in Berlin (Germany), is the highlight so far. GF took first place in the "Business Well Presented" category. More than 70 films entered the race in this category. The successes at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award (Silver Award) and the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards (Finalist Award Winner) this year underline the high quality of the image movie.

The campaign for Going Forward also achieved international recognition with its presentation at Zurich Airport (Switzerland), one of Europe's largest airports with 2 to 3 million passengers and visitors per month. Going Forward can be seen there on numerous screens until 6 November 2022.

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