Let's celebrate our founder Johann Conrad Fischer

Let's celebrate our founder Johann Conrad Fischer

Looking back more than two centuries, you might think that the foresight and pioneering spirit of a single man was the cornerstone of GF's global success today. This year, the GF community celebrates Johann Conrad Fischer's 250th anniversary with many activities and digital offerings.

The celebrations on the occasion of Johann Conrad Fischer's birthday (1773-1854) were kicked off by a new exhibition at Klostergut Paradies in Schlatt near Schaffhausen (Switzerland), starting on 8 June 2023, together with the "Digital Edition of the Travel Journals of Johann Conrad Fischer 1794–1851" on www.johannconradfischer.com. Members of the GF family and all interested friends of GF had the chance to see this exhibition at Klostergut Paradies, a former monastery and today GF's training center, on 11 June 2023 at an "Open House Day". 


A historic trip based on diaries of Johann Conrad Fischer started on 12 June 2023 and shows his experiences more vivid and closer. Two colleagues from the Iron Library set off and followed Johann Conrad Fischer's journals for between the years 1794-1851 for ten days. You can see their routes by following Iron Library on YouTube, and Johann Conrad Fischer himself on Twitter and Instagram (250jcf)!

On the Trail of Johann Conrad Fischer

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